Everything we do is derived from the industry we are engaged in – products, the direct target of which is the user, so how to make users more willing to buy our products, prefer our brand, is the basic principle of our work, for this reason I share my work experience with the brand status of the company and share my understanding of management.
First, the market environment - three transfers
1. From the trials to the knockouts
2, from caring for the company - to pay attention to products
3, from satisfying users - to defeating opponents
Second, user needs:
1, technology - leading
2, quality - reliable
3, delivery - timely
4, the price - reasonable
5, service - in place
6, sales - flexible
Third, time allocation
1, 30% for understanding CEOs
2, 30% for understanding users
3, 30% for work practice
4, 10% for learning to improve
Fourth, the boss asks: What do you want to do? What do you want to do? What do you encourage me to do? Philosopher ← thinker ← theorist → practitioner → doer
Five or six mentality: learning, obeying, rigorous, confidential, honest, and complete
Six or six positions: designers, craftsmen, builders, operators, buyers, salesmen
VII. Explanation of terms - learning, management, quality, service, initiative, self-confidence
1. Learning - the trainee must become a trainer
2. Management - how many programs and systems have been improved, introduced, and implemented
3, quality - the quality of people's thinking, the quality of action; the quality of the process of doing things, the final quality
4, service - human civilization, comprehensive quality, teamwork and cohesion
5, initiative - genius is the outbreak of initiative
6, self-confidence - resource integration ability, overcome the problem of excitement
8. Training industry: The training industry has become one of the most promising industries after the education industry, including:
1. Idea - Modern Corporate Culture - Unified Thought
2, the system - modern enterprise management - standard behavior
3, technology - modern enterprise products - to raise awareness
4, skills - modern professional managers - to improve performance
List: Domestic and foreign companies, the most admired companies and people outside the industry?
Nine, the results are not good - there are three reasons:
1, no unified working method
2, the working method is not perfect
3. The working method is not executed.
Ten, management four steps
Determine the target → organize the guarantee → system training → supervise the assessment What to do? → Who is going to do it? →How to do it? → Ok?
XI. Ten elements of management: organization, organization members, contact information, meeting plan, training plan, list of duty, summary of one week, one-week evaluation, interview minutes, regular meeting minutes
12. Management of five major flows: people flow, logistics, financial flow, information flow, cultural flow
Thirteen, management entry points:
1, three maps - zoning map, flow chart, kanban map
2, three specifications - office site specifications to the production site specification
The backbone staff standard promotes the standardization of all employees
Drip work specifications to advance the overall work specification
Fourteen, confident slogan:
1. There will always be hope and will definitely succeed.
2. Enterprises without problems are enterprises that do not develop. Enterprises that develop will definitely have problems. We are a team that discovers problems, analyzes problems, solves problems, and creates benefits.


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